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Prague: the Puppy’s Guide to Cam High

February 20, 2019

Prague, a service dog in training, has been on Cam High’s campus for almost a month.

Prague started coming to school on Jan. 7, and he spent the first two days in the Agriculture Department to become accustomed to being on campus for the duration of a school day. He joined me in class on Jan. 9 and seemed delighted to meet so many students and experience school.

Training Prague on campus has been fun but there have been challenges along the way. For example, everyone constantly wants to pet Prague. I am aware that he is cute and it can be hard to resist petting and playing with him, but when people do that without asking me or when I am not paying attention is annoying and harmful to Prague’s training.

I will take this time to apologize if I come off as rude, but please refrain from begging to pet him because it’s your birthday, I am your “best friend” or it will make your day better. These things will not change my mind. Prague is supposed to learn how to ignore people and focus on helping his blind owner. He is a puppy and is still in the process of learning, but if people distract him while he is working, it can cost him his job and be potentially harmful to his future owner.

The majority of Prague’s day is spent napping, although he has taken an interest in getting the gum off the bottom of desks. He is only awake as we walk from class to class and during sixth period. He’s such a lazy little pup who has grown 10 pounds since I have had him; he has already grown out of his vest.

At home, he enjoys plenty of puppy play time. He adores playing with his wish bone toy and running around the back yard. Prague sleeps the majority of the weekend and hates the second half of his walk.

Usually, he only tends to behave when he realizes that we are going to Pet Smart. Prague sits by the window during car rides and falls asleep within the first five minutes. He constantly trails behind me at home and rarely leaves me alone. When it comes to bed time, he always tries to sleep on my bed before realizing that I will not let him.

Prague has been to Six Flags and Universal Studios, but he seems to favor Harry Potter World over everything.

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