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13 Reasons Why is a Netflix show based on the bestselling novel Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher.

13 Reasons Why: A Vengeful Suicide

Annie Mascolo , Co-Managing Editor May 24, 2017

The debut of the Netflix original series, “13 Reasons Why” on Mar. 31 of this year, made a notable impact on modern pop culture and catalyzed the formation of fandoms across the world.  The series,...

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The acapella group, Crecendo, performs at CSU Channel Islands during an art exposition.

The vocal stylings of Crescendo Club

Annie Mascolo, Staff Writer June 9, 2016

Acapella has made its way onto Cam High's campus in the form of Crescendo, a service club which aims to spread cheer in the homes of the elderly and at other charity events. The club was founded this...

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Benefit concert raises $1300 and counting

Benefit concert raises $1300 and counting

Annie Mascolo, Staff Writer May 27, 2016

[slideshow_deploy id='58305'] Photos provided by the KIWIN'S club Facebook page. Singers, rappers, and even a yo-yoer performed in the quad last Friday from 6 to 9 P.M. at Cam High KIWIN’S fifth benefit...

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Lexis foster father Rusty Page (carrying her) and foster mother Summer Page, cry as social workers take Lexi from her home.

Bring Lexi Home

Annie Mascolo, Staff Writer April 21, 2016

In late March of this year, a six-year-old foster child named Lexi was ripped away from the home she came to know for years, her foster parents, and her siblings- all because a minute fraction of her ancestry...

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Paintings like this one, made by junior Destini Mejia, were displayed on the walls of Napa Hall at CSUCI. About 100 art pieces were on display during the first day of the expo, according to art teacher Mrs. Bonnie Mills.

Cam High artists showcase works

Annie Mascolo, Staff Writer March 24, 2016

Sculptures, abstract paintings, wood creations, and pastel pieces adorned the pedestals, walls, and tables of Napa Hall at the Cal State Channel Islands campus in Camarillo. Through the collaboration...

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Michael Ma (right), who visited Germany on the GAPP program last year, converses with current German exchange student Matthias Collenberg (left).

Thirty students to visit Germany in fall

Annie Mascolo, Staff Writer March 14, 2016

Thirty Cam High students have been accepted into GAPP (German American Partnership Program) for the fall of 2016. Each person will be partnered with a student from Germany and invite the German students...

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Raul Firpo, senior, otherwise known as Guitar Guy.

Scorps Spotlight 8: Raul Firpo

Annie Mascolo, Staff Writer February 22, 2016

Most students see transiting the halls at Cam High as a perfunctory activity; go through the motions, get to your class, navigate the crowds. But not Raul Firpo. You've seen him--he's the guy with the...

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Brianna Baeza applies to college with the help of Mrs. Issac in the College and Career Center.

Seniors struggle to balance college deadlines and school priorities

Annie Mascolo January 26, 2016

Just like the rain, stress from end-of-semester engagements is beginning to fall on the students of Cam High, especially the senior class.The class of 2016 seems to be particularly feeling the the downpour...

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Annual holiday art boutique hosted by Mrs. Bonnie Mills and the Gallery Club.

Student artwork raises funds for scholarships

Annie Mascolo, Staff Writer December 18, 2015

Juniors and seniors in Cam High's Gallery Club hosted the fifth annual Holiday Boutique in Mrs. Bonnie Mills' classroom, C-1, presenting and selling various pieces of student-made artwork. The boutique...

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Mrs. Shannon Klemann, one of ten finalists for the League of High Schools’ annual teacher of the year award.

An honor for Mrs. Klemann

Annie Mascolo, Staff Writer December 15, 2015

Cam High principal Dr. Kim Stephenson nominated biology teacher Mrs. Shannon Klemann as one of ten finalists for the League of High Schools' annual teacher of the year award. Klemann is being recognized...

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Trees in Manzanillo, Mexico, bend in the wind produced by hurriane Patricia.

Hurricane Patricia passes with less damage than expected

Annie Mascolo, Staff Writer November 20, 2015

Hurricane Patricia's unusual power stems from the unique circumstances of its formation. "Hurricane Patricia formed like any hurricane- a wave in the atmosphere amplifies," said Ryan Kittell, weather...

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Image from National Geographic.

Syrian crisis explained

Annie Mascolo, Staff Writer October 30, 2015
In March of 2011, Syria broke out in civil war with over 1000 rebel groups revolting against the government, angered by the lack of democratic leadership promised by the Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad in his inaugural address.
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