A Letter to Lenny

Occasionally The Stinger features students’ pieces to spotlight their creativity.
To the boy in the streets,
Begging for sheets
And a buck,
Bad luck
Is all Lenny gets.
He fell hard and he’s stuck.
And he sweats at night
So tired from losing those fights.
He’s sleeping in the dark
Thinking bout what he’s to do with his life.
Back in school,
He was the cool kid
Hanging around.
He was smart, and kind,
And ready to replace senior class clown.
What a funny kid, shining
Sunny days till the end,
But the end came
When high school Lenny
Lost his best friend.
It took a toll on him,
Started popping pills for the pain.
Everyday he’d ask himself,
“Why couldn’t it have been me?
I should’ve helped him or stopped him
Didn’t know what was wrong
He wouldn’t be there in the coffin
If I’d helped him stay strong.”
But young Lenny felt the hurt
Like he got shoved in the dirt,
Didn’t know how or why
But he knew one thing for sure:
Life is a pain
And it’s not worth the try.
A few weeks from that day,
Lenny gave up on life.
He dropped out of school,
Got kicked out of the house at eighteen,
He was no longer cool,
Just a bum on the street.
He sold cans for money,
Spent the money on dope,
Education wasn’t a factor
Of this declining slope.
This hill was his life,
And he was falling so fast.
Didn’t know how or why
He was sleeping in trash.
His addiction got worse
And his lungs would decay,
But the drugs gave the illusion
That Lenny was okay.
Inside, he cries
And the city doesn’t care
We’re in the past tense,
But Lenny’s still  out there
Sometimes with a sign
And he’s holding a joint
He could’ve gotten more out of life
But he reached a breaking point
He cracked under pressure
And it never got better
So Lenny, consider this lyric a letter
Not just to you, but the youth
Who know all these streets
Just push on through,
And when you’re older you’ll see
Chew before you choke,
Swallow your pride, don’t be a fool
Say nope to dope;
Say cool to school.