Serve Swerve


Photo by: James Schaap

Sara Downey, junior, takes a forehand shot at the Cam High girls’ varsity tennis team practice court.

From forehands to backhands, the Cam High girls tennis team is serving up wins left and right.

After an undefeated season in league play, Mrs. Claudia Grafenstein, girls tennis coach, credits the team’s success to their solidarity and coordination throughout the roster. “It was rough in the beginning to be honest,” Grafenstein said. “I lost seven of my players last year and it was hard to pick up successful teams for doubles.”

Even through the difficulties presented in CIF, Grafenstein still believes in her team. “If we have the team that we should have, and if we play the way I know we can play, our team will be successful in CIF.”

Julia Heybl, freshman, claims that friends have had a huge impact on her interests in tennis. “I had a few friends on the team and I also really like the sport, so it all worked out.” Heybl is a current JV player but hopes to improve enough to make Varsity next year.

Lauren Pasaraba, sophomore, enjoys her tennis experience, but also says that it requires a lot of hard work. “Practices are about two and a half hours,” Pasaraba said. “But, while playing every day, you can really see yourself getting better.” Pasaraba is currently a Varsity sub for the team and hopes to contribute to their success in CIF. “Tennis is a very mental sport, and during CIF, everyone must be mentally focused and determined.”

Grafenstein’s positive mental attitude has rubbed off on senior team member Karina Wang, who is paired up with Makayla Byerly, sophomore.“We will dominate until the end!” shouted Wang. “We will show no mercy!”


Matthew De Jesus and Timothy Le contributed this story.